Leasing beachfront property in Costa Rica

Maritime Terrestrial Zone Concession Proceedings

Information about leasing beachfront property in Costa Rica. Since 1978 all beaches are public land, with very few exceptions.  Read about the restrictions and regulations governing Costa Rica's Maritime Zone

Concession rights of occupation are the key to start the following process, which registers the Concession in the Registro Público. Concessions Registry title process:

  • yield the rights from old to the new occupant.
  • open new concession application file under the new occupant before the Municipality Concession Department. Foreigners with less than five years of residency in Costa Rica, cannot own more than 50% of the stock of a corporation holding a concession: this regulation can be compiled by way of holding the 50% stock in an Equity Holding Trust during such term.
  • file the application form, with the corporation papers and ids.
  • solicit Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) markers (mojones).
  • Generate a 1-kilometer beach frontage soil use Zoning Plan (Plan Regulador): if this plan does not exist average cost is USD25,000 to USD35,000 and two to three years solicitation process, agencies involved: INVU, ICT, SETENA, MINAE, IGN and local Municipality.
  • generate the Cadastral Survey inconsistency with the IGN markers placed and the Plan Regulador.
  • present Cadastral Survey of the property, solicit inspection, appraisal and Plan Regulador compliance verification.
  • solicit and pay for an official appraisal of the property by the officer appointed by the Municipality.
  • publication of notice to the public of solicitation process, for any legitimate party to oppose.
  • generate the Project Resolution on the concession contract, by the Municipality Mayor and Legal Department.
  • run the documents through the National Board of Tourism Concession Department (ICT) to get there: remarks, observations and/or amendments until its approval.
  • get the Final Resolution Approval by the Municipality Council to the Mayor to execute the Concession Contract.
  • protocolization of Contract, Municipality Council Resolution, and ICT resolution file it in the Public Registry Concessions Registry and get it recorded. At this time the concession is titled.


  • Closing Costs: Lawyer Closing Fee 1% of purchase price with US$1,000 dollars minimum.
  • Title the Concession:
    • US$5,000 dollars Lawyer Fees.
    • Other costs: USD2,500 surveyor fees and taxes, IGN markers, inspection fee, appraisal fee, appraisal tax, notice publication, Registry fees, and taxes.
    • Plan Regulador Consulting Firm Fees: USD25,000 to 35,000 dollars. If applicable.